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OFFER: Full Yearly and Fortnightly Schemes 8 CD Collection


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We have upgraded our Yearly Schemes for Infants and for First & Second Class to reflect the NEW PRIMARY LANGUAGE CURRICULUM for both English & Gaeilge. This will facilitate and enhance teacher planning as they draft and produce their schemes of work.

The Yearly Schemes for all classes are now available.

Here is an OFFER from Rainbow Education Wexford.

Special 100 sets produced for this offer. Can be sent to school or home address, with an invoice, pay for them 30 days after receipt..

Your chance to put the full 8 CD PLANNING COLLECTION on the shelf in your staff room for only €199.00! Should be on the staffroom shelf of every primary school for ready access and reference.

We have a limited number of sets of 8 CDs at this €199.00 price – heavily discounted price!.

Normal price is all 8 cds for €299.00 – see April InTouch or Planning Section here on our Rainbow Education site. So – this is a limited offer. Order now to avoid disappointment. See odering options below.

In order to ensure the success of your work, written planning and preparation is crucial in  clarifying the learning outcomes you want to achieve and how you intend to achieve them.

This popular 8 CD Collection  aims to assist you in this process and to complement and enhance the support  offered to you regarding long-term and short-term planning.

There are 4 Yearly and 4 Fortnightly CDs in the collection – see picture.

They are massively popular with teachers.

The Year Scheme / long-term plan is an individual teacher’s plan for the implementation of the curriculum in the classroom. Embracing the strands and  strand units of the revised curriculum, each of the 4 Year Scheme CDs contain 11 folders, one for each subject  area of the curriculum. Each folder contains 5 or 6 Microsoft Word documents which are  fully written and which are fully editable by you in light of the assessed needs, aptitudes and  interests of your pupils. The total number of documents on each CD is 60+.  Full instructions are provided in the ‘Read Me File’.

Your short-term planning takes the work outlined in the long-term plan and details what exactly the children will be enabled to learn, how the teaching will be organised, the  resources that will be prepared for use, how the learning will be assessed and so on.

This CD Contains 3 Folders:

Fortnightly Schemes:

19 individual scheme files, expertly laid out in subject order with associated strands &  strand units. You can copy and paste directly from the content sections of ‘The Yearly  Scheme CD’ into your ‘Fortnightly Scheme’ and also type in additional information & detail.  Instructions are provided in the CD ‘Read Me File’.

Monthly Reports:

10 individual monthly reports. At the end of each month, simply copy and paste the  completed content from your two fortnightly schemes into your Monthly Report and type  any other qualifying detail that you wish to add.  A range of ‘Helpful Teacher Templates’ are also included  e.g. Data Recording Grids, Pupil Profiles, Resources Audit File,  Year Calendar, Timetable, Favourite Websites,  Allocation of Time per Subject etc.

CD 1Year Scheme Infants                                                                 CD 5 Fortnightly Scheme Infants

CD 2 Year Scheme First & Second Class                                      CD 6 Fortnightly Scheme First & Second Class

CD 3 Year Scheme Third & Fourth Class                                       CD 7 Fortnightly Scheme Third & Fourth Class

CD 4 Year Scheme Fifth & Sixth Class                                             CD 8 Fortnightly Scheme Fifth & Sixth Class

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