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Parallel Curriculum Units for Mathematics, Grades 6–12


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This collection of lessons, building on material presented in the best-selling The Parallel Curriculum, are written by experienced teachers who provides innovative and challenging learning opportunities for students in Grades 6-12. The four sample units focus on fractions, linear modeling, geometry, and quadratic relationships. The authors provide user-friendly methods for creating high-quality lessons and demonstrate how to differentiate these lessons for the benefit of all students. Included are field-tested and standards-based strategies that guide students through:


” Understanding secondary-level mathematics concepts

” Discovering connections between mathematics and other subjects

” Developing critical thinking skills

” Connecting mathematics learning to society through the study of real-world data, proportional reasoning, and problem solving

Each unit includes subject matter background, a content framework, study components, teacher reflections, and sample lessons. Learn from the experts and enhance your mathematics curriculum with these proven strategies.


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