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Quotes to Inspire Great Reading Teachers


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`Education is not about filling a pail, it’s about lighting a fire.’ -W.B.Yeats

Through carefully selected and contextualized quotes, this book provides an engaging and inspiring way for reading teachers to look at and reflect on their own practice and grow professionally. A year’s worth of thought-provoking quotations from thinkers in and out of education are tied to 11 themes for a reading educator’s professional development.

With each quote, the authors provide:

Three reflective questions relating the core idea of the quote to teaching practice

Lesson prompts that provide ways to use the quote with students

Links to books for K-2, 3-8 and 9-12 to extend thinking generated by the quote

The introduction spells out for teachers and literacy coaches how reflective use of the quotes and related prompts can promote and document professional development. It also provides multiple applications for the quotes in the classroom to directly foster enhancement of students’ literacy, metacognitive skills and goal setting.


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