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Reading Globally, K–8


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In Reading Globally, K-8 the authors make the case for why it is necessary to be globally literate and multiculturally aware in today’s shrinking world, and they provide the tools teachers need to incorporate appropriate reading selections into primary and secondary school classrooms. By using books from or about other countries, teachers empower students to view the world in a more positive manner, enriching and broadening their students’ lives, and ultimately preparing them for life in a global economy and culture.


This reader-friendly resource guides teachers and reading programme coordinators in selecting quality books for their classrooms, incorporating global literature into different content areas, and facilitating the discussions that follow. Practical guidance is provided on how to:


– Integrate the reading of global texts across the curriculum, with specific application to language arts, social studies, science, maths, and the arts

– Locate and evaluate the authenticity and literary merit of potential books, avoiding those that depict stereotypes

– Get started!-with an annotated list of children’s books, samples of student work, and classroom vignettes from teachers.


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