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Responding to Novels in Primary School – Workbook


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A wonderful workbook for children in all classes from third to sixth who are reading novels. Only €3.45.

About This Book:

Responding to Novels in Primary School, Workbook I , contains a wealth of practical and creative activities to guide pupils in generating a response to their reading, through discussion, writing, visual arts and drama.

The activities can be completed in any order over the course of the year, pages are chosen by the class teacher
depending on the particular novel or chapter being read at any moment in time.

Use page 3 to log your reading on a weekly basis, use pages 4 and 5 to record the meaning of interesting words or use the questions on pages 2 to guide your chat with a partner or group about a chapter or chapters.Additionally, use all the other great pages in between, to reflect on, to draw and to write about what you have read.

We suggest weaving your way through this workbook, completing activities as appropriate, rather than working
sequentially from page I to page 44.

This workbook will be used to respond to the reading of several novels over the course of the school year, reading
chapters both in school and at home.The teacher will assign the chapters to be read and the workbook pages to be
completed after each reading.

The responses to the novel, required in this workbook, are designed as extensions of students’ learning after they
have read a set piece of text.The exercises encourage students to think more deeply about their reactions to the
content, to record those reactions in writing and then to share their reactions with others.

“You know you’ve read a good book when you turn the last page and feel a little as if you have lost a friend.”

– Paul Sweeney


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