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The ‘Smart Chute‘ as a resource is an established firm favourite in primary schools across Ireland, and for good reasons. This high quality card flipper is a fun and exciting way to develop, reinforce, test and cement key literacy and numeracy skills. It works as follows: When posting the card in the Smart Chute, the student will read the equation aloud e.g.  5 + 3, announce the answer 8, post the card into the ‘Smart Chute’ and the correct answer then miraculously appears at the bottom i.e. the card is flipped as it travels through the chute, revealing the correct answer when it exits below.

The child puts the cards he/she gets right in the ‘correct’ pile and those he/she gets wrong in the ‘incorrect pile’ – thus sorting what he/she knows from what they don’t know or the items that are still not accurate / known or automatic. There are packs of cards on a vast number of topics. Not only that, but there are blank cards for you to craft questions on your own topics, thus making the ‘Smart Chute’ an even better fit to the work and topics being currently covered.

Children can use the ‘Smart Chute’ in many ways: children choose to use it as an early finisher activity, they use it in literacy or maths stations, they use it as a wet-playtime game, learning support and resource teachers use it widely to practice / cement skills and concepts etc.

There are packs of cards on initial sounds, final sounds, medial vowels, blends, rimes, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, percentages……..over 80 various packs in total, + blank packs for you to get creative with!

The Smart Chute is such a very popular resource and children will be intrigued as to how the Smart Chute can work out the correct answer. It reinforces key concepts and develops memory skills.

The Smart Chute comes in three plastic pieces, which clip together and can be dismantled easily for portability. The Chute itself is made out of solid plastic and its durability will withstand maximum classroom use. There are over 80 literacy and numeracy cards compatible with the Smart Chute, plus boxes of blank cards so that teachers like you can make their own packs.

The ‘Smart Chute’ is simply the perfect resource for individual or group work in every classroom.

Why not order your first chute and some packs of ready to go cards, and perhaps some blank ones too, and discover what this resource can do for learning in your classroom?


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