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Snow White and the Seven Twerps!


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Snow White’s life takes a turn for the worse when dad marries again. Queen Barbie plans to have Ken do away with the competition. Refuge comes in the shape of the Seven Twerps who seek only help with the homework in exchange. Bean Uí Chrosta smells a rat when the obair bhaile improves drastically. Can the three good fairies help? Prince Charming receives a nasty shock from the damsel in distress… Will Bean Uí Chrosta’s patience hold out? Written for Senior Classes, this will include thirty pupils.



Snow White and the Seven Twerps

By Willie John Creedon

Cast in Order of Appearance


Fairy 1 … 

Fairy 2 …

Fairy 3 …

Herald …

King Alexander the not so Great …

Herald …

Imelda …

Barbie …

Guard 1 …

Guard 2 …

Guard 3 …

Nanny McAfee …

Learner Gran …

Snow White …

Nuala …

Narrator …

Mirror …

Ken …

Dopey …

Sneezy …

Grumpy …

Happy …

Sleepy …

Bashful …

Doc …

Miriam …

Bean Uí Chrosta …

Áine …

Bus Driver …

Jim …

Jill …

Prince Charming … 



Music: compile a collection of suitably appropriate favourite songs and music to weave through your production e.g. the Disney songs, hip-hop etc.


Play opens with three Good Fairies onstage

Fairy 1:

Why, oh why did I end up doing this?


Fairy 2:

Amen to that! Like of all the parts we had to get, how come we got these ones?


Fairy 3:

Embarrassing is what it is. Like when I heard we were doing a class play, I thought it would be good like…


Fairy 1:

I thought I’d end up doing something exciting like, like, like, James  Bond or something deadly like that!


Fairy 2:

Thought I’d get something brilliant like Harry Potter or, or, or…


Fairy 3:

Cripes! I’d even prefer to be Voldemort … But no, we have to be in a stupid fairy tale…Like the bleedin’ Three Stooges!


Fairy 1:

We could have been the three little pigs. But no! No chance.


Fairy 2:

Oh, no, not by the hair on my chinny chin chin …


Fairy 3:

We had to be given the part of the three good fairies.

(Pull on their costumes)


3 Fairies:

It’s so embarrassing.


Fairy 1:

We have to wear these stupid wings.


Fairy 2:

And flap around like eejits.


Fairy 3:

And we don’t even get frequent flier points.


Fairy 1:

The HSE should be informed.


Fairy 3:

The press should be tipped off.


Fairy 2:

We should talk to Joe.


3 Fairies

It’s nothing short of child abuse.



Here comes the King! Here comes the king! Everybody hail King Alexander!



Hail King Alexander. If ever there was a decent king, it is you.


King Alexander:

Ah! Good morning to you. It’s a grand day, isn’t it? It’s a wonderful day!



It’s absolutely smashing!


3 Fairies:

Lá breá atá ann.



Are yous the three auditioning for the part of the three good fairies?


(Recommended: To the tune of “Winner Takes it All” by Abba)

3 Fairies:

I don’t wanna talk
About the things we’re going through
Though it’s hurting me
We’ll soon be history
I’ve played so many parts
And that’s what you’ve done too
Nothing more to say
What a part to play

Us actors take it all
No part is too small
No Oscar statuette for me
That’s my destiny

When I get the Equity card
I think I’ll never have a care
 I will be all the rage

Messing round on stage
Might make the Muppet Show

People said I belong there
But I feel like a twit
Dressed in this outfit

The only part that’s worse
Is the tail end of a horse
‘Twould drive Romeo to drink
If Juliet was Twink
Colin Farrell takes it all
Us losers have to fall
The future isn’t pretty
No part in Fair City?

But dressing up like this
it can make me feel blue
I feel a bit ashamed
that me parents came!
Somewhere deep inside
I’m afraid I’ll  miss a cue
But what can I say
It’s the part I play

The teacher did decide
When I got this part I cried
It took me all my time

To learn these bleedin’ lines

The show is on again
A tragedy without end
A big part or a small
The actor takes it all

I don’t wanna talk
Cos it makes me feel sad
And I understand
You’ve come to shake my hand
I apologize
If it makes you feel bad
Seeing me so tense
No self-confidence
But you see
The actor takes it all
The actor takes it all


Us actors take it all

No part is too small

But the slagging will not end

At the next disco in Spin

The show is on again
A tragedy without end
A big part or a small
The actor takes it all

The actor takes it all



Ah, you must be the three…


3 Fairies:

Don’t say it! Let’s just say we heard you needed our services.


Fairy 1:

I’m Mortified.


Fairy 2:

I’m embarrassed.


Fairy 3:

And I’m sorry I came.



Today is a good day for King Alexander.



A super day!


Fairy 1:

Did ya win the Lotto or something?


Fairy 2:

Win the jackpot!


…………………………………………..and on it goes!


With the advent of interactive whiteboards, we decided that the play be published on CD in Microsoft Word forma, so that the script can be projected on the whiteboard during practice. In addition, this CD format enables multiple copies of the script to be easily printed off for the children. Dramatic amendments, embellishments and localisation can be made to the script, should you be so inclined.

MUSIC & SONGS: The choice of music is endless. From classical music overtures, to the songs taken from the Disney classics, from pop & rock to the traditional and modern. You only have to select about 7 or 8 graet songs to intertwine with the script and you are ready for curtains up!


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