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Sounds Bingo by Rainbow


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Sounds Bingo by Rainbow: can be used in the Infants AND in the senior classes.

The pack contains 36 A4 Bingo Boards containing 12 random pictures per board. The CD contains 36 environmental sounds, each approximately of 15 seconds duration. Pupils mark the sounds with counters / blocks or any suitable item. A photocopiable Teacher Master A4 Card has all 36 pictures. To begin, photocopy the master card for all and let them listen to and identify each sound and the object / thing making it. Later play bingo using the 36 cards.

The 36 Sounds are on the CD which can be played in the computer or CD Player.

As the pupils hear the sound, they mark the corresponding pictures on their own Bingo Boards. Each pupil has a random collection of 12 sounds arranged in a grid 4 x 3. Each of the 36 A4 Game Boards have a different arrangement.

The teacher marks the Master Teacher Board, in order to know which sounds have been played.

Game 1: Just play the CD Randomly and children listen to, identify the sound and mark the corresponding picture e.g. the witch cackling, the wolf howling, the rocket exploding etc. (listening skills + building vocabulary).

Game 2: Teacher calls out the sounds as Gaeilge e.g. Éan ag canadh, Daoine ag bualadh bos, Madra ag tafann, Fuinneog ag briseadh etc. and the children have to show understanding and mark the corresponding picture.

Game 3: based on full sentences e.g. Bhris Tomás an fuinneog le sliotar (they mark the sliotar and broken window picture), Shéid an réiteoir an feadóg etc. (GREAT FOR SENIOR CLASSES)

Other ideas for application are contained in the pack.


Further Information:

Is that a telephone I hear? Bingo!

The children match the sound to the picture as they get ready for reading in this fun compilation of Sounds Bingo 1.  This exciting game will help children build auditory discrimination and auditory memory skills through the identification of environmental sounds, essential pre-reading skills in the infant classroom.

The game play cards are in black and white line art and may be coloured in by the children using markers or colouring pencils before play begins or leave them blank.

Distribute the picture cards and some counters or unifix cubes.  Insert the CD in the player.  Press “random” on the CD player and you’ll get a new mix of 36 sounds each time you play.  Get the whole class playing together.  They listen, identify, learn and laugh as they match the bagpipes, rooster, helicopter and telephone sounds to the pictures on the game cards.  Someone is guaranteed to call bingo!

The large pack facilitates a whole class of 36 players or alternately it can be played in smaller groups.   The teacher / parent can keep track using the ‘Teacher Master Card’ of all 36 sounds, located at the back of the pack.  When the child calls ‘Bingo’ – ask him/her to call out the picture and sounds for checking.

In addition, the ‘Teacher Master Card’ may be photocopied for each child.   Play the CD on random.  Each child has every sound to identify.  Great fun!

Pack Includes:  Sounds CD, 36 x Bingo Cards containing 12 sounds in 3 rows of 4 + Master Teacher Card containing all 36 sounds.

Suitable for Infants to sixth class! – can be played many ways depending on the class level and the creativity of the teacher.



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