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Standards in the Classroom


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`The success or failure of reform in education depends on how well each teacher learns how to implement standards in classroom instruction. This guide should be helpful in that process’ – National Science Teachers Association, Washington



In this book, Richard H Audet and Linda K Jordan give teachers the tools they need to understand standards and benchmarks, use a standards-based instructional planning model, analyze curriculum using a standards lens, and align curriculum to students’ learning goals. After completing the guide, teachers will be able to design performance-based assessment strategies, implement a standards-based instructional model, evaluate and align curriculum materials to standards. Designed to be sensitive to teachers’ needs, the manuscript is clearly written, easy to use, practical, embedded in a classroom context, and tied to student achievement. The authors use a constructivist approach and a five-stage learning cycle that models good teaching. As the authors state, standards are here to stay.


This book provides the missing link in standards-based reform. It book will give staff developers the tools they need to train teachers in this crucial step-designing curriculum & assessment around standards. This interactive guide can be used not only by individual teachers, but also by small study groups of teachers, in staff development workshops, and school-wide. This book can also be used with pre-service teachers.


Features of the book include:


· Interactive features include guided reflections, focused readings with questions, surveys, questionnaires, inventories, and rubrics

· Will work with national, state, or local standards

· Principally targets math and science but can be applied to all content areas

· Includes professional development designs for principals and staff developers

· Contains suggestions for continuous study such as study groups, action research, and examining student work





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