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Step by Step Art 5 – Christmas


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Simple, easy to follow approach to Christmas in the Classroom.

Skills based Art activities suitable for all Primary Classes. Easy to follow activities resulting in stunning outcomes! Optional themes to enhance the impact include:

Stars e.g. stars & swirls, Marbled patchwork with a Star, Smudged Chalk Circle and Staer, Colour family Collage with a Star, Wool Winding Stars and more.

Candles e.g. Cut Patterned Candles and Swirls, Candles in a Window, Patch Work Candle and more.

The Nativity e.g. Bethlehem Town Panorama, The Stable, Torn paper Figures,Ribbon Wrapped Kings and more.

Stained Glass Windows e..g. Collage Windows from Painted Patterns, etc.

Decorations e.g. Exploded Cracker Shapes, Swirled Baubles, Collage & Printed Baubles etc.

Also: many different kinds of Christmas Trees to be created and much more.

Suggested colour schemes enhance and link a range of different activities.

Over 80 full colour examples given.


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