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Teaching Money Applications to Make Mathematics Meaningful, Grades 7-12


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To meet expanding demands of equity and accountability, and to help address the ‘make it meaningful’ and ‘make it interesting’ requirement for brain-friendly learning, teachers need  resources of authentic material to create problems they can  weave into their math curriculums. This book will help teacher to help their students develop money literacy along with mathematical literacy. The need is well understood because this knowledge is essential to everyday adult life. This book introduces students to buying a car, paying taxes, buying a house, and managing money. As social security disappears for this generation, it will become almost an ethical responsibility for schools to give students a head start on understanding the mathematics of investments. The book brings mathematics to life within an interesting and meaningful context.” ”            Each chapter provides:””””Links to NCTM standards”Background knowledge for teachers to review and expand their own understanding knowledge of an area of personal money management, and to draw on to introduce the topic to their students”Specific examples to look at with students”Questions (with answers) for exploring the content and checking understanding of the underlying math”Suggestions for possible projects to extend and apply the learning.



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