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The Bee Musical


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The Bee Musical

It’s The Bee’s Knees!

by Niki Davies & Emma Davies
Ages: Infants to Third Class

All the bees in Mr Waxworth’s hive are on a quest to convince the world about the importance of bee-ing a bee. With a fabulous script and nine terrific songs to get you buzzing and bee-bopping, you just won’t bee-lieve how good this delightful and educational musical is!


About The Bee Musical

  • Works as a whole-school production, but for smaller productions most suited to First to Fourth Class.
  • Adaptable script for large group performances

Every busy bee in Mr Waxworth’s hive is eager to do their part – except for one. Poor Grumble Bee! She just wants to do something special with her life and doesn’t see the point of finding nectar and collecting pollen all day long. After all, what’s important about that?

But, when world bee colonies start collapsing and a shortage of plants means they are unable to pollinate all sorts of food types or even feed themselves, Mr Waxworth and the bees put on their thinking caps to do something about it. Will the buzz surrounding the bees’ most exciting play of the year ‘The Bee’s Knees’, help Grumble Bee to realize just how vital the work of the bee is and convince everyone else to do their part to save the bees?


Ages First to Fourth Class
What’s Included

Activity songbook with:

  • Music score and song lyric sheets for 9 songs (piano music score, melody and chords)
  • Fantastically fun warm-ups activity page
  • Character list
  • Notes on staging and cast size
  • Notes on costumes and props
  • Curriculum links
  • Script

Audio CD with:

  • Vocal tracks sung by children
  • Professional Backing tracks


Running Time 30 minutes approx 
(Total length of music: 15 minutes approx) – shorten by dropping song verses / dialogue edits.
Songs – Click To Listen

The Bee’s Knees
Bee Mine
I Want To Feel Important
The Nectar Team
Thinking Caps
To Bee A Bee!
To Be A Bee! (Reprise)


Songs with Rounds, Part-Singing and/or Solos:

  • Buzzin’
  • I Want To Feel Important
  • The Nectar Team
  • Bee-Bop
  • To Be A Bee!
  • To Be A Bee! (Reprise)

Songs with Optional Harmonies:

  • Thinking Caps
Sample Script View sample script –
Cast List

View cast list and staging directions 

There are 65 speaking parts in this production. These can be easily increased by adding more children to the large group scenes. The 65 speaking parts can also be decreased to 30 parts by reducing splitting lines and doubling up parts. See staging notes above for more details.



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