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The Magical Christmas Jigsaw


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The Magical Christmas Jigsaw

by Mary Green and Julie Stanley
Ages: 5-11
In this traditional nativity for primary age children, the Christmas story comes to life as a magical Christmas jigsaw is pieced together.
  • Same authors as best-selling nativity Children Of The World
  • Cleverly designed script with the flexibility to rehearse scenes within individual classes or groups, which can be brought together in one or two final rehearsals
  • Tailored for use with a mixture of ages if desired, including an optional scene and song if very young children are participating

At a bustling Christmas market full of the joyful sounds of carol singers and cheeky market sellers, five excited children come across a very special stallholder who gives them a tatty old Christmas jigsaw in return for the promise that they will find time to complete it on Christmas Eve. As the children gradually piece the jigsaw together with the help of a very special visitor, the Christmas story comes to life with all the traditional nativity characters.

With a fantastic array of catchy songs and an enchanting script, The Magical Christmas Jigsaw is a wonderful nativity for the primary age group. Designed to be rehearsed in individual groups during class time and pieced together for the final production, this flexible nativity is perfect for busy teachers!

What’s Included

Teachers Book with:

  • Synopsis of the story
  • Cast list by scene
  • Staging and rehearsal notes
  • Top tips for teaching the songs
  • Music score and song lyric sheets for 10 songs (Piano music score, melody and chords)
  • Licence and copyright details

Audio CD with:

  • Vocal tracks sung by children
  • Professional backing tracksAdditional instrumental tracks
Running Time

45 minutes approx

(Total length of music: 21 minutes approx)

Songs – Click To Listen

Song 1: Roll Up, Roll Up! – includes part-singing

Song 2: The Forgotten Toys – includes a solo, a duet and a trio

Song 6: We Sing Of The Birth – can be sung as a 2, 3 or 4-part round

Song 10: Now Our Story Has Been Told – includes part-singing

Sample Script
Cast List


Cast notes: There are 47 speaking parts in this production. Each scene has a separate cast and none of the characters from each scene appear in any other scene, so it can be rehearsed in separate class groups and brought together in just one or two final rehearsals to complete the jigsaw.


Whole school: To include a whole school there are 6 large speaking parts, 9 medium speaking parts and 32 small speaking parts. There are some unison lines for the Romans and innkeeper’s relatives and lots of non-speaking parts for shoppers/carol singers/Nazarenes/star dancers/silver angel host/Herod’s wives/other courtiers and (optional) hens and mice. Each scene can be rehearsed in individual class groups as there are no overlapping characters and there are between 6 and 13 speaking parts per scene and lots of non-speaking parts to involve as big a group as you’d like.


In theory you could have fewer speaking parts (or lots of non-speaking parts all played by the same kids) by doubling up and having one group play all the parts in two different scenes, but this would mean that you couldn’t make up a complete nativity tableau at the end for Scene 7. It is adaptable though for a smaller cast.



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