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The Math We Need to Know and Do in Grades PreK–5


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‘I will be quoting many of the key points presented in the book often to others in my school’ – Carol Amos, Teacher Leader/Mathematics Coordinator, Twinfield Union School, Plainfield, VT



‘Makes a distinct contribution to the field of mathematics, explaining in clear language the relevance of the various concepts as they apply to elementary mathematics curricula’ – Melissa Miller, Teacher, Randall G. Lynch Middle School, Farmington, AR


‘A wonderful resource for readers who will be developing curriculum and lessons. Each content branch is clearly explained and has examples for easy development. Professionals will be able to easily build further examples’ – Joseph DiGarbo, Teacher, Mohegan Elementary School, Uncasville, CT


This updated and expanded new edition provides elementary math teachers with a step-by-step approach to planning standards-based curriculum, instruction, and now assessment, too. Pearl Gold Solomon covers the essential concepts and skills defined by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) using a simple-to-follow matrix that aligns activities and problems for the classroom with specific NCTM standards, and then provides appropriate assessments for each.


An essential handbook for grades PreK-5, it provides detailed guidance, sample activities, problems, and assessments, all grade appropriate and ready to use. Highlights include a rubric, test specifications, other assessment resources, suggestions for working with calculators, educational software and graphics programs, and web sites. Teachers will find this invaluable when they:


o Review their knowledge of mathematical concepts

o Plan curriculum for a specific lesson, grade level, or an entire school

o Respond to individual conceptual or procedural challenges among their learners

o Assess student knowledge, both formally and informally


Once again, Solomon turns confusing pedagogy into accessible instruction, giving new teachers clarity and experienced teachers a base that can easily be built upon. This is an indispensable resource for instructional leaders, district planners, staff developers, math coaches, and individual teachers seeking to enhance their instructional repertoire.



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