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The Multiplication Square



In 3rd. & 4th. class, use this square to systematically build and record each set of tables in turn e.g. 4 Times tables. Have the children insert 4 red pegs and you draw 4 red pegs on the whiteboard. Record 1×4 = 4, or 1 group of 4 red equals 4. Now ask to insert 4 yellow. You draw 4 yellow on whiteboard. They can see that 2×4=8 or 2 groups of 4 makes 8. Continue building, drawing and recording up to 10 x 4 = 40. Children then draw and record into copy book. They have built the tables – CPA – concrete to pictorial to abstract. Now, when you ask what is three 4’s, they can visualise three groups of 4, or get it by repeated addition of 4+4+4.

A must resource for building the multiplication tables and more. See accompanying booklet.



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