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The Parallel Curriculum (Multimedia Kit)


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Use the PCM model to help educators refine their understanding of a high-quality, comprehensive curriculum!


Designed around the second edition of the best-selling book The Parallel Curriculum, this one-stop multimedia kit reflects the best practices in curriculum development and implementation and allows facilitators to demonstrate how the Parallel Curriculum Model (PCM) can dramatically enhance instruction and improve learning for diverse groups of students. Participants will engage in discussions about:

  • The four parallels for curriculum and instruction: Core Curriculum, Curriculum of Connections, Curriculum of Practice, and Curriculum of Identity
  • Units of study that include one or more parallels
  • 11 key components for high-quality curriculum design and implementation
  • The Ascending Intellectual Demand (AID) concept for supporting student development
  • Assessment as a vital element of the Parallel Curriculum Model


The Parallel Curriculum, Second Edition: A Multimedia Kit for Professional Development provides:

  • The second edition of the companion book The Parallel Curriculum, which offers a rich curriculum model to strengthen students’ capacity as learners and thinkers
  • 69-minute, content-rich DVD—with an easy stop-and-search navigation menu—that features PCM authors Carol Ann Tomlinson and Jann H. Leppien discussing the principles behind the PCM model and shows teachers using PCM in real classrooms
  • step-by-step facilitator’s guide that connects the book to the DVD and provides discussion questions, workshop activities, handouts, and agendas
  • companion CD-ROM that contains a digital copy of the entire facilitator guide


An ideal professional development resource to use with pairs, small workshops, or large seminars, this multimedia kit is essential for anyone leading workshops focused on creating an in-depth, research-based curriculum that serves every student.


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