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Using Drama to Support Literacy


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‘This book will be a welcome, practical addition to the repertoires of teachers of children aged 7-11 who are looking for inspiration and relevance in their teaching of writing skills’ – Speaking English


`For the drama novice, this is the book to buy. It reveals drama’s power, maps the route to success, and empowers the reader to follow’ – Literacy Time


`All activities are inspiring and imaginative, and the written activities that follow them are varied and interesting…this book will prove useful, especially in the upper primary and middle school’ – English Drama Media


Using ideas and activities already tried and tested in the classroom, this book shows practitioners how imaginative drama lessons and activities can be used to help encourage and improve children’s writing, speaking and listening skills.


Perfect for the person who might not be used to leading drama-based activities, this book takes a step-by step approach that will help even the most daunted teacher tackle drama with confidence. Also included are:


– ideas for suitable writing and drama activities

– advice on lesson planning

– list of useful resources

– examples of children’s work and teachers’ comments


Class teachers, teaching assistants, literacy consultants and drama and English co-ordinators looking for practical, fun drama activities to support literacy will find all the help they need in this book.


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