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Visible Thinking in the K–8 Mathematics Classroom


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Do you ever wish your students could read each other’s thoughts? Now they can—and so can you! Veteran mathematics educators Ted Hull, Don Balka, and Ruth Miles explain why making students’ thought processes visible is the key to effective mathematics instruction. Their newest book contains numerous grade-specific sample problems and instructional strategies for teaching essential concepts such as number sense, fractions, and estimation. Among the many benefits of visible thinking are:



– Interactive student-to-student learning

– Increased class participation

– Development of metacognitive thinking and problem-solving skills.


Helpful features include vignettes, relevant word problems, classroom scenarios, sample problems, lesson adaptations, and easy-to-follow examples of each strategy in action. The authors also explain how students can demonstrate their thinking using calculators and online tools. The final chapter outlines steps maths leaders can take to implement visible thinking and maximize mathematics comprehension for all students.



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