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War Children by Gerard Whelan – Ages 10+


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By Gerard Whelan
Six stories, one set in Dublin the others in the countryside, about children who get caught up in the War of Independence and suffer dire consequences.
Paperback: 192 pages
Size: 196×130 mm
ISBN: 9780862787769
Cost: €8.45
AWARDS: Bisto Book of the Year Award + Reading Association of Ireland Award
Six stories — one set in Dublin, the others in the countryside — about children who get caught up in the War of Independence and suffer dire consequences.
1. The King of Irishtown: Mattie Foley dreams of escaping the harshness of life in the Dublin slums, but her dreams and reality become dangerously entwined with the discovery of a gun.
2. Mulligan’s Drop: When Statia Mulligan sets off to get feed for the hens, she longs for the peace and quiet of her favourite spot by the stream; she doesn’t expect to become part of an ambush.
3. The Poor Cow: Larry Quinn goes after the cow that has strayed — how could he know that in his absence the Black and Tans would force his mother to reveal all she knows?
4. The Empty Steps
5. Dead man’s Music
6. Services Rendered
‘Six emotionally charged stories, rural and urban, featuring feisty, likeable youngsters’ (Sunday Independent)
‘Roller-coasters of emotion … A riveting read’ (INIS)
‘Gripping read … his characters bring recent history to life’ (Evening Echo)
‘These stories … are moving, thrilling and yet sometimes funny accounts of events just a couple of generations removed from where we are now.’ Mary Arrigan (Sunday Tribune)

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