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What Successful Literacy Teachers Do


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Bridging the gap between theory and practice, this book focuses on the academic research base in reading and literacy. Using a convenient format that teachers, trainers, and administrators find easy-to-access, the authors survey and select the best published data and research in reading and literacy and then synthesize it for classroom application and instruction.


Each of the 75 research-based classroom strategies in the book includes:

• A concise description of the recommended classroom strategy or application;

• A brief synthesis of the research that supports use of the strategy;

• Guidelines for applying the strategy in the classroom;

• Precautions about avoiding pitfalls that may occur during implementation of the strategy; and

• Source citations for further research and follow-up.


The book includes coverage of research linked to current legislation and controversy (“the reading wars”), including Reading First, scripted reading programs, “evidence” and bilingual learning, but it does not favour or promote specific programmes. The focus always remains on state-of-the-art research translated into practitioner strategies for real learners in real classrooms.


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