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William Shakespeare


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William Shakespeare

by Mary Green & Julie Stanley
Ages: 8-13

To perform or not perform? That is the question! Join a company of Shakespearean players both behind the scenes and centre stage at the Globe Theatre, London and discover what life was like for the 16th-century playwright William Shakespeare.



Come to the Globe Theatre in London to meet the famous bard, William Shakespeare, and experience what life was like for the 16th-century playwright and his company of actors. Share the audience’s experiences of standing amongst the hazelnut shells and avoiding the pickpockets whilst eating and being entertained. All your favourite Shakespeare lines are included in this production and once you’ve sung these songs you’ll never forget how many sonnets Shakespeare wrote (154 to be precise). Learn about the characters he created for his plays, the success he had performing for Queen Elizabeth I and King James I and discover the origins of some of the best-loved quotes in the English language.

Includes three songs, recorder and percussion music, four pages of cross-curricular ideas and extension work, and a class assembly script. Activities include making appropriate 16th century snacks to serve your audience and researching how special effects were created in Shakespearean theatre!


Teacher’s Book with:

  • Full script for the class assembly, to showcase what has been learnt
  • Cast list and staging
  • 4 pages of creative cross-curricular topic ideas and extension work
  • Music score and lyrics sheets for 3 songs (Piano music score, melody and chords)
  • Piano score for Elizabethan Music
  • Recorder parts (simple and advanced descant) and percussion parts for the Elizabethan Music
  • Includes FREE performance licence for performing on school premises to an audience of staff, pupil and their families

Enhanced CD (for use with a computer and CD player) with:

  • Vocal tracks sung by children
  • Professional backing tracks
  • Printable script
  • Printable lyric sheets for songs

The songs:




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