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Working with Support in the Classroom


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The publication of this book is most timely. As the plans for the remodelling of the school workforce begin to take shape, further complexities surrounding the area continue to be exposed. This book addresses many of these and does so in an accessible and thought provoking way. Simplistic answers to how best we can work with support in the classroom are not provided, but different ways of approaching the question are. By reading about, and engaging with, fictionalised accounts, case studies, stories and vignettes, the reader is transported across the whole range of educational settings, exploring the myriad definitions of classroom support – Dr Iris Keating, Manchester Metropolitan University. The time is ripe for this book. Over recent years there has been a vast increase in the number of people who support childrens learning in classrooms and other educational settings, both as employees and as volunteers. In order to make the best and most productive use of these significant others in the classroom, teachers need to have a source of advice and guidance in relation to the range of ways in which they can best collaborate with them. Working with Support in the Classroom will provide such a source. Using stories of successful practice and ideas for improving collaborative work, the book explores and maps the development of the roles in relation to childrens learning that can be played by people other than qualified teachers. It focuses on the whole range of educational settings from the early years through primary to secondary classrooms. Between them the editors and contributing authors have a wide range of experience of working in schools and early years settings with teachers and support workers, including experience in special educational needs and in work with multilingual children for whom English is a second language.


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