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Write-on Wipe-off Answer Boards – Box of 10


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Every school should have a shared set of these unique new boards – 30 to 35 paddles. They can be used in every class. These double-sided dry-erase boards are blank on one side with space on the other side to write team names, making these boards your first choice for classroom quizzes or any time you want immediate feedback from your class. Boards measure 15cm x 20cm, with 10cm plastic handles. Set of 10 includes five red and five blue. Can be used for individual answering, alternate answering in pairs or for team quizzes. Teacher calls out a question, quickly write down the answer and hold it up. Full participation e.g. What is 1/8 as a percentage? What is 7 x 8 + 6? How many sides has a pentagon? I have a euro and spend 25c. How much have I left? Use them from infants to sixth class. Sold in boxes of 10.


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