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Yearly Scheme CD 4 – 5th. & 6th. Class



Embracing the strands and strand units of the revised curriculum, each CD contains 11 folders, one for each subject area of the curriculum. Each folder contains 5 or 6 Microsoft Word documents e.g. if you open the English folder, you are presented with: My Aims and Objectives for English in 5th. & 6th. Class, My approaches and methodologies for teaching English in 5th. & 6th. Class, Scope and content, as per curriculum, for my English programme 5th. & 6th. Class, Resources that I will utilise in the delivery of my English programme, Assessment approaches that I will use in 5th. & 6th. Class. As each document is written in Microsoft Word, they are fully editable, allowing the teacher to customise as much or as little as required, through insertions and deletions e.g. under content in English, the teacher would insert the title of the English scheme, titles of individual books, chapter titles etc. After editing, the document is printed, punched and inserted into your yearly scheme file. Minimum of 60 Microsoft documents per CD. Order your Yearly Scheme CD 4 today.


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