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A Guide to Literacy Coaching


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“A very hands-on approach to helping teachers, parents, students, and the community. Coaches are not only given the theory behind what they do, but also the knowledge of how to implement the research and theory.”


—Emme Barnes, Literacy Facilitator

Hawk Ridge Elementary, Charlotte, NC


“This superior text clarifies the responsibilities, qualifications, and capabilities of the coach within and without the school and as a leadership partner.”

—Connie Molony, Reading-Language Arts Specialist

Fargo Public Schools, ND


An essential guide to the “what” and the “how” of literacy coaching!


Literacy coaches regularly encounter practical and theoretical issues, ranging from decoding national and state coaching requirements to understanding how to work effectively with all students, including those with special needs. This practical guide presents effective coaching strategies and best practices for enhancing literacy instruction and student performance across all grade levels.


Ideal for individual or group professional development, this text covers skill requirements for coaching and describes four roles of effective coaches: facilitator, observer, colleague, and learner. Readers will find sample scenarios, advice from recognized literacy experts, and topic extensions for study groups, as well as:


Information on NCLB, Reading First, and Reading Next requirements

Insight into developing relationships with school administrators

Tips for coaching difficult or noncompliant teachers

Practical recommendations for first-year coaches


A Guide to Literacy Coaching illuminates the many practical strategies literacy coaches, mentors, teacher leaders, and staff developers can use to collaborate with multiple school constituencies to promote teacher development and schoolwide literacy success.


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