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Brain-Compatible Mathematics


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‘This is an interesting book with many good ideas – for both classroom ideas and for changing the way we view assessment. For those needing extra ideas for develop their teaching this is an ideal book’ – Peter Hall, Imberhorne School, East Grinstead



Each brain is different, and when teachers teach problem-solving skills to help students arrive at their own solutions, students go beyond mere memorization of facts to being an actual participant in the development of mathematical understanding. In an informative and relevant approach, Diane Ronis presents teachers and mathematics co-ordinators with an emphasis on thinking, mathematical representation, and construction of ideas and an abundance of:


Sample lessons, units, and strategies

Brain-friendly strategies for maths teaching

How-to guides for creating more brain-tuned maths teaching

Ideas for incorporating technology into the maths curriculum

Planning templates for immediate use


By integrating maths learning into real-world applications, students can actively practice what they learn, make meaning out of their everyday experiences, and think mathematically for success within today’s information age.



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