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Strategies for Teaching Whole Number Computation


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This strategy book for primary maths teachers benefits students who are struggling with whole number computation in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. By analyzing student work for error patterns—such as on a diagnostic test—and then providing timely, specific, and meaningful intervention, repetition of those errors can be decreased.



Strategies for Teaching Whole Number Computation: Using Error Analysis for Intervention and Assessment provides a model of what can be used as part of a mathematics intervention programme. The material may be used by teachers as a programme to support direct classroom work with whole-number computation at whatever grade level intervention is needed to support these skills.


By focusing on specific student error patterns and then providing pinpoint instruction based on sound pedagogical practices, this resource helps prevent as well as correct errors while providing guidance for teachers to teach in a meaningful way that promotes student understanding.


The book provides four units: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division of Whole Numbers. Each unit begins with a diagnostic test in multiple-choice format, followed by an item analysis table that keys student incorrect test responses to specific error patterns, and then provides a detailed section of error patterns with supporting intervention activities. The intervention activities are based on instructional practices supported by research as described in the book’s research section


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