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Teaching Numeracy


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Do some of your students arrive at wildly wrong answers to mathematical problems, but have no idea why? If so, they are not alone. Many students lack basic numeracy?the ability to think through the math logically, solve problems, and apply it outside of the classroom. This book outlines nine critical thinking habits that foster numerate learning and details practical ways to incorporate those habits into instruction. Referencing the new common core standards, NCTM standards, and established literacy practices, the authors include “How Can I Use This in My Math Class…Tomorrow” applications throughout the book, which shows you how to:


” Monitor and repair students’ understanding

” Guide students to recognize patterns

” Represent mathematics non-linguistically

” Encourage questioning for understanding

” Develop students’ mathematics vocabulary

” Create a collaborative environment

Latter chapters show how to develop numeracy-rich lesson plans, and provide several ready-to-use models with clear directions and student handouts. The book’s practices, activities, and problems will help you move your students from simply “doing the math” to a deeper understanding of how to think through the math.



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