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The Dyscalculia Resource Book


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Ronit Bird is an experienced teacher with an excellent reputation for helping children to understand maths. This book offers 100 photocopiable games and puzzles to help teach key aspects of numeracy. Carefully designed so that no equipment is needed beyond that found in the average home, these games and puzzles actively encourage practice in using reasoning methods.



Part 1 focuses on addition and subtraction, and Part 2 targets multiplication and division. Grids link each game to a specific numeracy topic, as well as listing the number of players required and equipment needed.


Games and puzzles include:

– Triad Families

– 3-in-a-Line Dominoes

– Key Multiples Bingo

– Component Su Doku Puzzles

– The 6x Table Coin Solitaire


This Resource Book is perfect for teachers, teaching assistants and parents aiming to improve children’s basic numeracy. All 100 games and puzzles are also available on the accompanying CD.


Ronit Bird is a teacher at a London school, and a contributor to professional development courses on dyscalculia.




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