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Co-Ordinating Primary Language and Literacy


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`Here is timely and extremely useful exposition and guidance on the management and procedure of language and literacy teaching. Practical advice is offered on the breadth of the role of the primary school English subject leader right from the starting point of compiling an application for such a post. The extensive and thorough coverage is frequently supported by reference to current demands and expectations, including the Framework for teaching of he National Literacy Project. An impressive adjunct to the detail is the applied anecdotal evidence and the inclusion of actual examples of documentation devised and in use in schools. I was pleased to note such aspects as the conferencing technique for both reading and writing being integral to everyday strategies’ School Librarian



`Everything co-ordinators need on policy development, implementation and evaluation in English, language and literacy’ – Junior Education


High quality teaching in English language and literacy is a central part of the primary school curriculum. The coordinator has a key role to play in building on good practice, introducing new ways of working and monitoring their effectiveness. This book is written for coordinators and for those who are intending to take on the subject leadership, and addresses the issues of policy development, implementation and evaluation in primary English.


By drawing on background theory and research, the authors provide clear guidance on the central tasks of subject co-ordination. Case study material is used to illustrate development work in English language and literacy in primary schools. The authors give up-to-date and practical advice on how to understand the processes of change.


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