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Hot Dots Pen


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HOT DOTS is a self-checking learning system in an exciting game format, that children love playing on their own or with adult guidance. The light-up TALKING PEN provides fun feedback as it glows, talks, and makes fun sounds when used with the FLASH CARDS boxed sets.

This is ingenius.

With brand new sound effects and phrases, the audio and visual feedback gently redirects incorrect answer choices and congratulates correct ones. Sounds can be muted for quiet classroom use.

How it works?…….. the dot beside the correct answer is magnetised, the other 3 aren’t and the pen senses this and responds accordingly.

The child is presented with a picture / task, that has a choice of 4 answers.

You press the nib of the pen on the dot next to the answer you think is correct. If it is, then you get a positive audible feed back response + a green light.

If is incorrect, then the red light flashes and it gives a suitable audible response.


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