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Improving Reading, Writing, and Content Learning for Students in Grades 4-12


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‘Fills a niche for content teachers who teach reading strategies, particularly in light of the standards movement’ – Christene Alfonsi, Teacher, Fairfield High School, OH

‘From a fairly concise book, teachers get an important overview about a “system” approach to literacy. All teachers get specific tools and strategies and some very useful information that could change their paradigm along the way’ – Allyson Burnett, Instructional Interventionist, Alief Hastings High School, Houston, TX

Put a strong literacy system in place to improve student achievement!

In contrast to the primary grades when children are learning to read, students in grades 4 through 12 are expected to learn content as they read, yet they may still struggle with reading basics. Improving Reading, Writing, and Content Learning for Students in Grades 4-12 provides a realistic and systematic process for improving reading and writing while enhancing content knowledge and skills.

Based on proven evidence in multiple schools over a 10-year period, this excellent new resource presents specific strategies and successful examples that educators can immediately implement to improve day-to-day classroom success, while also boosting the success rate on standardized assessments. Aligned with the National Reading Panel Report, this book helps teachers focus on:

· Creating a classroom community that is academically and psychologically safe for learning

· Responding to non-negotiable expectations of daily practice

· Building vocabulary, reading comprehension, and higher-order and critical thinking skills

· Developing fluency in reading

· Engaging families and the community

Teachers can create the best environment and instructional experience for all students to maximize literacy learning and standards-based achievement. This outstanding book will be a source of reflection for continuous improvement!


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