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Jolly Grammar Songs



It’s here at last! Jolly Grammar Songs Book + Audio CD to help children across the classes get to grips with grammar points.

Grammar Songs uses music to help children learn the basic rules of grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Grammar Songs are a great way of helping children to learn elements of grammar. The lyrics are fun and the tunes familiar and upbeat, making the songs catchy and memorable. Children can sing along using the lyrics provided and very quickly learn the songs, enabling them to recall numerous grammatical facts and rules.

The 20 song titles are as follows:

1. Adjectives

2. Adverbs

3. Capital Letters

4. Comparatives & Superlatives

5. Compound Words

6. Conjunctions

7. Contractions

8. Dictionary

9. Homophones

10. Magic e

11. Nouns

12. Past, Present and Future Tense

13. Plurals

14. Prefixes and Suffixes

15. Prepositions

16. Pronouns

17. Punctuation

18. Speech Marks

19. Thesarus (Synonyms & Antonyms)

20. Verbs


Here’s a sample of the learning points that entertwined in the lyrics in such an engaging & memorable way:


Song Title: Adjectives

(Tune: I saw Three Ships – Track 1)

Adjectives are rather clever
Add a noun, they work together
What you get is quite exciting
It’s descriptive writing
Let me show you how to do it
Really there is nothing to it
Adjectives make nouns exciting
It’s descriptive writing
Take a path and make it rough
Try a quiz and find it tough
Take a house and make it creepy
Look the baby is sleepy
Take a car and make it blue,
Try a dress and make it new
Take a cat and make it lazy
Look your brother is crazy
Take a ring and make it old
Try a river and make it cold
Take a dog and make it spotty
Look your nose is snotty!
Adjectives are rather clever
Add a noun they work together
What you get is quite exciting
It’s descriptive writing




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