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Literacy and Education


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‘If we take the book Literacy and Education: Understanding New Literacy Studies in the Classroomseriously, it may help us teachers in training, teachers in the field, teaching theorists and researchers to learn more about ourselves and our teaching.’ Journal of Early Childhood Literacy

‘… the best introduction to the theory and practice of New Literacy Studies available today for teachers, though policy-makers and researchers should also read it’ – James Paul Gee, University of Wisconsin-Madison


‘This long awaited, accessible text shows how key research strands into the nature of contemporary literacy can reinvigorate classroom practice. Technological advances have transformed literacy practices in all spheres of learners’ lives and Pahl and Rowsell show through real examples, how pedagogical practice can accommodate these developments. This is a must for all those involved in all levels of literacy education’ – Dr Julia Davies, Deputy Head of the School of Education, The University of Sheffield.


Literacy and Education: Understanding the New Literacy Studies in the Classroom is a practical guide to applying New Literacy Studies in primary, secondary and family literacy contexts. It represents a comprehensive look at how to rethink, redefine, and redesign language in the classroom to meet contemporary needs and skills of students based on current literacy research, theory and practice. Each chapter profiles key themes within New Literacy Studies including: literacy and identity; multimodality and multiliteracies, bridging home-school literacy practices, and literacy and globalization.


The book follows an accessible format with multiple activities in each chapter, theory boxes highlighting seminal research and theory; suggestions for classroom design and planning ideas; and New Literacy Studies assessment framework; and vignettes of New Literacy Studies and Multiliteracies classrooms in Britain and Canada, as well as a comprehensive glossary of terms. Literacy and Education: Understanding the New Literacy Studies in the Classroom brings research and practice together and is a valuable resource for teachers-in-training, practising teachers, and students studying literacy education at the graduate level.


Allan Luke Dean, Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice, Singapore, prefaces the book with a look to the international importance of understanding and implementing New Literacy Studies in pedagogy and practice


Jim Cummins Professor, OISE/University of Toronto, concludes the book with an eye to local settings and the necessity for us to accommodate the diverse literacy needs of students and clearly illustrates how New Literacy Studies fills such a niche.


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