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The Literacy Box 1 (Yellow)


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Literacy Box 1

Use The Literacy Box to:

Target comprehension strategies

·         High-interest reading material in a wide variety of genres, incorporating both fiction and nonfiction.

·         Topics that link into key curricular themes in science, geography and history.

·         Practice of comprehension strategies using questions pitched at the literal, inferential and applied levels.

Focus on vocabulary and word study

·         Vocabulary and word study questions specifically linked into the reading piece.

·         Constant repetition of question types to ensure continuous practice.

·         Suggestions for additional speaking and listening, reading, writing and cross-curricular activities relating to each card and topic contained in a comprehensive teaching guide.

Creates independent readers and promotes spelling, punctuation and grammar skills through text-based activities.

Engage in station teaching and group work strategies

·         Reading cards that are colour-coded according to reading level and difficulty.

·         Cards can be used in mixed-ability or same ability groupings within the classroom.

·         Independent correcting scheme to encourage children to correct their own work, freeing up teacher’s time to work with selected groups in the classroom.

·         ‘Something extra’ section at the end of the cards to encourage writing and further reading responses


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