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The Comprehension Box 3 – Ages 11+ (Blue)


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The Comprehension Box

Comprehension activities for station teaching 

·         Ideal for differentiation.

·         Teachers can easily assign the colour-coded cards to each pupil’s reading level.

·         Ten cards in each colour-coded section ensure that pupils practise comprehension strategies using a variety of texts and comprehension activities.

·         Each colour-coded section gradually increases in reading difficulty, leading to constant progression.

·         Pupils working on the same coloured section can alternate cards and engage in various station activities over ten lessons.

What’s in The Comprehension Box?

·         150 colourfully illustrated cards with texts covering a variety of genres and text types.

·         15 colour-coded sections.

·         Pupil Tracking Sheet Pad.

·         Questions on the back of each card.

·         Answer cards.

·         Scope-and-sequence chart.

·         A comprehensive Teachers guide providing suggestions on how to explicitly teach comprehension strategies along with answers and pupil and teacher recording sheets.


Develops 12 specific comprehension strategies using different text types and genres:

• understanding words • identifying the main idea
• concluding • fact or opinion
• inferring • sequencing
• finding information • summarising
• predicting • cause and effect
• point of view and purpose • finding similarities and differences



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