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Mathematics Curriculum Topic Study


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‘This book addresses the needs of teachers at every level in their teaching careers, as well as those who support and work with teachers. The processes can be used individually to guide professional learning and teaching, or within almost any professional development structure for facilitating group learning’ – Katherine E. Stiles, Senior Program Associate, WestEd



‘This resource supports continual professional growth of both content and pedagogical knowledge and will help teachers focus on the appropriate research. What a time saver this is!’ – Rhonda Naylor, National Board Certified Mathematics Teacher Campus Middle School, Englewood, CO


Becoming an accomplished mathematics teacher requires not only a thorough understanding of content, but also a familiarity with mathematics standards and research. However, a strategy for translating standards and research into instructional practice has been lacking since the advent of standards-based education reform.


Mathematics Curriculum Topic Study provides a systematic professional development strategy that links mathematics standards and research to curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Developed by authors Page Keeley and Cheryl M. Rose of the Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance, the Curriculum Topic Study (CTS) process can help educators align their practice with research-based concepts and skills. Successfully field-tested with hundreds of teachers, maths advisors and teacher trainers, this book contains 92 ready-to-use CTS guides arranged in seven categories.


Designed to work in a variety of contexts, the CTS process will help teachers:


o Increase their content and pedagogical knowledge

o Better understand and access mathematics research

o Translate standards to the classroom in a conscious, scholarly way

o Learn to recognize and address learning difficulties

o Increase opportunities for all students to achieve mathematical literacy


An essential investment toward improving student achievement in mathematics for primary and secondary maths teachers, teacher trainers, department heads and maths advisors, this innovative resource is also appropriate for trainee teachers and higher education lecturers.



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