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Succeeding at Teaching Secondary Mathematics


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In today’s world of increased accountability, teaching mathematics offers more challenges than ever before. This resource helps beginning teachers get off to a great start by providing information on everything from assessment to standards-based teaching to student engagement strategies.



The authors focus on NCTM content and process standards and offer guidelines for instructing and assessing English language learners, students with special needs, and gifted students. Filled with practical strategies as well as helpful classroom vignettes that encourage thought-provoking discussions on teaching secondary school mathematics, this guide shows teachers how to:


– Focus on the big ideas in teaching mathematics

– Design a curriculum that is meaningful

– Differentiate instruction to include all learners

– Engage students by meeting their affective, behavioural, and cognitive needs

– Use a variety of methods to assess students’ understanding


Covering the key elements to successful teaching, this essential mathematics resource helps beginning educators lead their class with confidence.



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