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Student Workbook for ‘Mathematics Explained for Primary Teachers’


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This workbook provides students with an attractive and engaging means of reviewing, reinforcing and applying the material of Mathematics Explained for Primary Teachers 4th Edition, chapter by chapter. The material in the workbook has been tested and endorsed by primary PGCE trainees. Detailed solutions and explanatory notes are provided at the end of the book for each task.



The self-assessment tasks are of three kinds:

A. Checking Understanding

Tasks designed to help the reader to check their own understanding of key concepts and principles and their mastery of important skills in each chapter.

B. Processes and Applications

Tasks that provide opportunities to apply the mathematical content of each chapter in real-life situations, and in puzzles, problems, investigations and other mathematical challenges.

C. Teaching and Learning

Tasks that provide opportunities for the reader to consider their responses to children’s errors and misunderstandings, and to consider the content of each chapter in terms of approaches to teaching and learning in a primary school context.



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