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Oral Storytelling and Teaching Mathematics


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`This book makes significant contributions to the field of mathematics education in many areas. Its use of oral storytelling as a means of teaching algorithms and problem solving, its presentation of a collaborative teaching model that can be generalized to all mathematics teaching, its presentation of a new perspective on problem solving, enhancing the currently popular approach, and its insights into multicultural mathematics all provide a wealth of knowledge for pre-service and in-service classroom teachers as well as mathematics education instructors’ – Dr Rainy M Cotti, Rhode Island College`



`It is very well written. It avoids math education jargon, but at the same time discusses deep issues the subject. References to the literature are useful and well chosen . . . . The book flows very well. very well. I liked the way of starting with stories and the stories of the classroom lessons. This gives a good foundation for the more theoretical discussions later in the book’ – Susan Addington, California State University, San Bernardino


Oral Story Telling And Teaching Mathematics provides the first serious exploration of the role that oral storytelling can play in helping children learn mathematics. It should be of interest to those concerned with providing children with powerful mathematical and literary experiences and those concerned with multicultural education.


} An accompanying CD-ROM contains the full text of two epic stories plus additional worksheets and handouts.



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