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Secondary English and Literacy


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`Potential readers will want to know why they should buy this rather than any of the other books currently available about teaching secondary English. The answer, I would suggest, is that it is a reassuring, dependable introductory guide to professional practice…and its encouragement to arouse curiosity about language’ –English Drama Media

`This is an excellent text. It’s a very useful, easily accessible, up-to-date addition to the English teacher-training market… very appealing and ahead of any other books in this area’ – Bernadette Fitzgerald, PGCE Secondary English Course Leader University of West of England

Are you following one of the “non-traditional” routes into English and literacy teaching? Are you looking for a book to accompany your studies on your one-year Teacher Training course? Or have you been teaching secondary English for a while and want to revisit the ideas that engaged you so enthusiastically when you were training?

This book encourages readers to become the best kind of secondary English teacher. The authors engage in practical applications of ideas and approaches, and present a rigorous and informed view of the subject, that is at the same time professionally and practically focused. Based on theorized and researched understandings of the essential nature of language and texts, the authors put forward a view of the subject which connects with current trends in the teaching of English and literacy.

Whether it is used as a main or companion text, or for self-study, this book offers exciting perspectives on the teaching of English and literacy.

The authors are a team of experienced English teachers who are now university tutors. They have worked successfully with trainee secondary English teachers over many years.


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