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Sisters … no way! – Ages 10+


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Sisters … no way! by Siobhán Parkinson. Includes a free teacher guide. Cindy, a with-it and cynical young teen, still traumatised by her mother’s recent death, is appalled when her father falls in love with one of her teachers, a woman with two teenage daughters of her own. Surely he can’t be serious? She cannot imagine a worse fate than having a teacher as her stepmother, and as for the two prissy girls – she is never going to call them sisters … no way! But, if Cindy dislikes her prospective stepsisters, they think she is an absolute horror – spoiled, arrogant and atrociously rude to them and their mother when they visit her house. Whatever about their mother marrying again, they can’t imagine being landed with Cindy as a sister … no way! But the parents are going to marry, and the girls are going to be family, like it or not. So who gives in? Is there any room for compromise? Will the unlikely trio of stepsisters ever change their minds about each other?


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