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Styles and Strategies for Teaching High School Mathematics


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One key to raising achievement in mathematics is to recognize that all students have preferred styles of thinking and learning. By rotating teaching strategies, you can reach learners through their preferred styles, as well as challenge students to think in other styles. Styles and Strategies for Teaching High School Mathematics provides a set of powerful, research-based strategies to help high school teachers differentiate mathematics instruction and assessment according to their students’ learning styles.



Presenting four distinct mathematical learning styles—Mastery, Understanding, Self-Expressive, and Interpersonal—this book offers classroom-tested instructional strategies that can be mixed and matched to reach all learners. Compatible with any curriculum or textbook, the book:


– Explains how the strategies address NCTM process standards and students’ learning styles

– Includes step-by-step directions, examples, and planning considerations for each strategy

– Provides reproducible forms for implementing the strategies

– Offers variations and ways to adapt each strategy to meet a variety of instructional demands


With assessment components woven throughout, this invaluable guide helps high school mathematics teachers effectively reach and teach today’s adolescents.



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