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Succeeding at Teaching Mathematics, K-6


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For new primary and elementary school teachers responsible for teaching mathematics, Succeeding at Teaching Mathematics, K-6 will get them off to a great start. As math and testing standards have become more rigorous, many new teachers find this a challenging subject to teach.



This handbook answers the most pressing questions for novice teachers of math, including what to teach first and how to:


– Set up and secure materials

– Manage the math classroom

– Assess understanding

– Use the math text and when and why to set it aside

– Set up a grade book

– Use standardized test data

– Engage all students in learning math


This thorough resource includes sample letters to parents, classroom vignettes, math games for learning and assessment, and an overview of math standards and how they relate to real-life curriculum. Teachers will also find strategies for differentiating for all learners, tips for classroom management, procedures for math tasks and transitions, guidelines for the first day of school, and suggestions for the crucial first and last five minutes of every class. For the new teacher of math in a contained primary or elementary classroom and for the new specialized elementary math teacher, this book is invaluable – a must!



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