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Tasks and Rubrics for Balanced Mathematics Assessment in Primary and Elementary Grades


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This new, research-based book contains student-friendly mathematical assessments linked to NCTM standards. Each assessment task is designed to appeal to students and to connect students’ daily lives, all the while helping and informing teachers. Teachers will find that the carefully designed rubrics break down the learning components of each task and show varied levels of success. This collection offers districts, schools, and teachers a resource that can be used with any mathematics curriculum to inform and enrich the learning process.



The book features:


-An overview of balanced mathematics assessment and recommendations for using the tasks and rubrics

– Insight into the mathematics domain that the tasks and rubrics in each chapter are designed to assess

-Individual assessment tasks for key areas of importance, concern, or challenge

-A clear, thorough explanation of each task that covers underlying student thinking and how to use the rubrics


The tasks and rubrics in Tasks and Rubrics for Balanced Mathematics Assessment, Grades K-6 can help all teachers improve the mathematical understandings of students and gain a clearer vision of their students’ strengths and weaknesses. Informed assessment provides the data and insight to improve instruction and support higher student achievement.



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