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Teaching Phonics for Balanced Reading


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‘K-3 teachers will find this book very appealing. Based on current research and commonsense experience, the book is full of effective strategies that are easy to use!’ – Jeanne Gren, First Grade Teacher, Woodburn Elementary School, Morgantown, WV



‘Provides interesting and informative background knowledge about phonics instruction. The author defines terms, discusses the difficulties practitioners may encounter, provides strategies and suggestions for teaching, and presents numerous easy-to-use reference charts’ – Jane Ching Fung, First Grade Teacher, Alexander Science Center School, Los Angeles, CA


A comprehensive, easy-to-use guide with invaluable resources for planning phonics instruction.


Phonemic awareness instruction and phonics instruction are highly beneficial for students learning to read. In this updated second edition, Edmund V. Starrett provides educators with guidance on teaching phonics as part of a well-planned reading programme.


This reference book presents the content and ideas of phonics instruction in an accessible format that appeals to both new and experienced teachers. Coverage of each topic begins with a broad general overview and then offers specific, practical tips and strategies.


Thorough and in-depth, this beneficial guide:


• Discusses specific principles of phonics in teacher-friendly terms

• Presents and explains the most useful phonics rules and generalizations

• Provides practical guidance for sequencing phonics instruction

• Includes informal assessments and checklists

• Offers a generous collection of instructional strategies and activities


Teaching Phonics for Balanced Reading offers all teachers a comprehensive guide for planning phonics instruction that helps students become better readers and better learners!


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