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The Lumens DC 125 Visualiser



The Lumens DC 125 Classroom Visualiser       

Good news – we have received more stock of DC 125s. 

Perfect to power the work needs of any primary or second level classroom.

Only €325.00 inclusive of vat

This is truly the most popular visualiser in classrooms across Ireland, because of functionality, ease of use and quality of picture, all at this price point.

Every classroom should have a VISUALISER!  …… as they effectively support teaching, aid learning and drive achievement.

The DC 125 positively impacts classroom teaching & learning.

Just install the software, plug it into the USB port on your laptop or desktop and away you go.

Every school should have at least 1, many schools have one in every classroom!  The DC 125 is easily shared between classes – just install the CD software on all class computers and then all they have to do is borrow the visualise & then it’s simply plug it in & play.

Of course the very best solution is one per class!….. and this is now possible with the latest ICT grants.

The LadiBug DC125  is Ireland’s favourite visualiser, due to the sheer numbers sold over the past 4 years. There is a good reason – word of mouth among schools because the Lumens DC 125 Visual UXGA Digital Gooseneck delivers a lovely projected image for the teacher and pupils in the classroom.

What it does – helps the classroom teacher deliver the curriculum in a more engaging & effective manner. Every page of every book can be projected poster size, can be saved and can be written on using your interactive whiteboard pen e.g. project the page from the Irish book to talk about and develop language, project the maths book page and work out & complete the exercises with the pen or simply project the pages of the ‘Gruffalo’ as you read it to the children in infants. So much possibility and more from a visualiser – every class should have  one.

CALL US or  Email TODAY TO PLACE YOUR ORDER AND WE  CAN DELIVER TO A SCHOOL OR HOME ADDRESS.  email your name, details & school address to [email protected] or call the office on 053 92 55860 or order online here on the site, on account. We despatch with an enclosed invoice.




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