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Using Journals With Reluctant Writers


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`This is one of the best books I have seen on topics for writing. All students could benefit from this – not just the reluctant writer’ – Carol Miller, Intervention Specialist, Mineral Ridge High School, Mineral Ridge, Ohio

Primarily intended for at-risk and/or special education students, this proposed workbook provides journal topics designed to inspire even the most reluctant writers. The topics begin with general non-revealing, non-threatening ideas. These topics will help to introduce writing as a means of expression and allow the student to test the teacher’s reactions before encountering material that requires more personal responses. The topics have multiple questions, because many students (especially reluctant writers) will answer any question with as few words or as simple a sentence as possible.


Using journals as daily practice and requiring weekly formal essays can provide students with the tools they need to become proficient writers. Each journal topic is followed by a video, and half have related readings that can be used for a more comprehensive English course. All of the ideas in this book are simply starting points for teachers to develop and use in the manner that best fits their students and classroom environment.


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