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Managing Effective Teaching of Mathematics 3-8


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`This wonderful book contains everything you need to know to teach maths to children in the nursery and infant school. It is incredibly thorough, very well thought out and with sufficient detail to satisfy every need from a student writing an essay and planning a lesson, to classroom teachers and those on a masters course. The style is clear, illustrations are thought-provoking and the whole structure of the book demonstrates an in-depth understanding of what early years classroom teachers really want to know…. This book deserves to be read by everyone in early years education because it is so utterly practical – yet also analytical with plenty of cross-references to both research and resources. Great stuff!’ – Primary Maths & Science



`This book is very thorough, practical and accessible….. I think this book deserves to be on primary bookshelves to be dipped into, because it does encourage good reflective practice and suggests ways of tackling problems effectively. I especially like the way it recognizes that at all times we are dealing with people: parents, children, teachers and other educational professionals’ – Mathematics Teaching


In this comprehensive study of mathematics curriculum management in nursery and infant schools, the author highlights and clarifies the different elements that have been identified in recent reports as `good practice’ in managing the teaching and learning of mathematics in the early years of schooling, with illustrations from practice. The book examines the formulation of a mathematics policy, the role of the mathematics co-ordinator, resource management, partnerships with parents, planning processes, classroom and lesson management, assessment, managing differentiation, record-keeping and reporting. The author offers many practical suggestions for managing the active teaching and learning of mathematics in the classroom.



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