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Mo Litriú agus Frásaí



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The best book in which to collect spellings and phrases in classes from second to sixth, being used by 47,000 children currently.

About This Book:

This 64 page, A4 book, can be used by all pupils from second class to sixth class, in which to collect and record lrish vocabulary, phrases and expressions.These items then form the basis of their spelling work.

lrish spellings must be learned in context and not simply parachuted in, without real relevance to the child.

Spellings are both’caught’ and ‘taught’!

The vocabulary and phrases for irish spellings must come from the weekly work in oral language and reading,
where the essential lrish words for spelling are ‘caught’ and written into this book, where they are ‘taught’ by the
teacher and learned by the pupils.

The spellings for learning are chosen from the vocabulary and phrases that the children are learning, using and
practicing each week. Therefore, the selected spelling words and phrases have real meaning, a real context and
a real relevance to pupil learning.The spellings and phrases are intrinsic to their lrish language programme.The
pupils can therefore appreciate the importance of knowing their vocabulary and phrases, and their spelling, being
able to use and spell them correctly in their oral and writing activities.

Their ‘Litriú agus Frásaí’ ‘book will contain all the essential vocabulary and rich phrases for each year of primary
school. By the end of sixth class, each child will have five volumes of’ ‘Litriú agus Frásaí’, and the hope is that the
children will be using their store of rich vocabulary and phrases as they work and play together both at school
and at home.

We urgently need to take the use of our lrish language beyond the four walls of the classroom!


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